Waffle Pods

What is a Waffle Pod Slab?

The Waffle Pod Slab System is a better way of building concrete slabs for new homes, extensions or commercial industrial buildings. A waffle slab foundation is an above-ground foundation used to provide load-bearing capacity in expansive, rocky or hydro collapsible soils. The foundation consists of a perimeter flooring and a series of narrow internal beams or strip footings with one meter centres running each way. Edge formwork makes the sides of the slab and pods create voids between the strip footings. When viewed from underneath, the system of internal strip footings looks like a waffle – hence the name.

Advantages of a Waffle Pod Slab

  Reduced costs

  Less concrete waste

  Minimal disturbance of soil

✔  Lightweight and easy to handle

  Strong and durable

  Thermal value

  Low water absorption

  Recyclable (sustainable material)

  Manufactured in Australia

  Made from fire retardant grade raw material

  Ability to accurately predict required concrete quantities

  Increased construction efficiency – can still work when its wet

Waffle Pod Sizes

All measurements in millimetres (height, length, width)

  • 1090x1090x150
  • 1090x1090x225
  • 1090x1090x300


The spacer holds the pod in place and ensures that the waffle pods are tight and secure, thus holding the entire system together.

Spacers offered:

  • 4 way star spacer
  • 2 way spacer

Design of a Waffle Pod Slab

The waffle pod slab consists of 4 main steps in the construction process:

Ensuring the building site is level – If the building site is not level, it is required to cut and fill the site until the surface has become completely flat and levelled surface has been achieved.

Waffle pod layout – Once the site has been levelled and first plumbing alongside white ant treatment has been conducted the pods are ready for layout. The area is then setup with outside edge boards and covered in plastic sheeting. Next the waffle pods are laid out with spacers in a grid pattern within the formwork.

Reinforcement bars – After this the reinforcement bars are dropped on top of the spacers between the waffle pods. The top mesh is then laid.

Pouring concrete – Finally the concrete is carefully poured, ensuring the intersecting are completely filled, and the waffle pods and mesh are covered.

The process must be completed referring to Engineering Standards.

Engineers Australia awarded the Waffle Pod system with an award in Engineering Excellence. The system itself is designed to comply with Australian Quality Standard AS 2870-2011 Residential Slabs and Footings.

Quick Turnaround Times

At Styrofoam industries we pride ourselves on our quality of work and punctuality, hence we provide same day deliveries to the Sydney Metro area and also deliver anywhere in New South Wales.

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